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Learning 🎓

These repos will help you learn how to use Stardog programmatically and build a Knowledge Graph fast and easy.


A repo that contains datasets, queries and other artifacts references in Stardog tutorials.

Example Code

This repository contains code examples showing how to use the Stardog Java API and provides sample configuration files.

Programming Libraries 📚

The following libraries provide way to communicate with the Stardog platform from different programming languages. These libraries are community supported and may run behind the official Java APIs.

Extending Stardog ⭐🐶

Repositories that provide extensions to core Stardog that are released as open-source for easier access.


A repo that provides a collection of KG archetypes to bundle a set of namespaces, schemas & constraints.


An integration of the open-source NLP library CoreNLP with Stardog’s NLP pipeline BITES.

Tools & Utilities 🛠️

Helm Charts

Provision and run the Stardog platform in your cloud of choice via Kubernetes. Take advantage of our deployment experience and automated operations to operate Stardog with our hard-learned best practices.


A lightweight framework for mapping Java Beans into RDF and back again similar to existing ORM tools for relational databases.